About us

At G.C.C.L² Management Services we provide Operational and Occupational Risk Management solutions to both government entities and private enterprises alike. We focus predominately on projects conducted within government infrastructure, engineering and the construction business sectors.

For the last decade G.C.C.L² has been striving to add valuable business solutions to our client’s projects, to innovate products and services while remaining within the operational and occupational risk management environment. Our ethical behaviour, scrupulous business practice and professional conduct has helped us to maintain an exceptionally high standard of service while empowering our stakeholders at the same time.

Our services are always geared towards safeguarding the safety, health and welfare of individuals who are employed by a company or project, and we strive to ensure that these employees work in a safe environment. However, our services are not only here to safeguard those who get their hands dirty, but also to protect co-workers, employers, suppliers, customers and even communities in the area of the project or development.

When you incorporate our services into your project you are basically signing up for collaboration. We ensure that all members involved in the project collaborate effectively on the project so that the stakeholder’s vision can be realised. This comes through strict and effective planning to ensure that operations run cohesively. We have a wealth of experience in managing occupational safety challenges, and are confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to find the solutions to your occupational safety difficulties.

We strive with each and every project to be the partner of choice for our clients. We respect that every project is unique, laden with its own challenges, but we try to incorporate our occupational risk management solutions and the experience which we have gathered over the last 10 years to help each project, no matter what the difficulties, to run smoothly.

For effective and efficient Operational and Occupational Risk Management Solutions, contact G.C.C.L² Management Services. Alternatively, browse through our website where you will find all the services which we offer along with past projects and additional information.

Ensure that your next project runs smoothly. Assess the risks and opt for smooth operational and occupational process on your next project with the help of G.C.C.L² Management Services.