Assessments & Audits

Operational risk is always a factor, no matter what the scale and nature of the project, and as a result health and safety audits and assessments are key to the success of any project. G.C.C.L² Management Services provides a comprehensive and holistic range of services for the discerning project manager. Our occupational health and safety audits and assessments are of a high standard, they are flexible, and they are central to developing projects across South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

We offer an array of services which include baseline risk assessments, legal compliance, audits combined safety, and health and environmental audits. Our System Standards can be highly beneficial to your company for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Identify health, safety and environmental risks and impacts
  • Prioritise risks in a systematic manner
  • Encourage participation among staff
  • International benchmarking opportunities
  • Incorporated into sustainable reporting

  • In addition, G.C.C.L²’s safety management processes address the moral, legal and financial matters related to occupational health, safety and environmental management. In doing this we aim to make the workspace safer for employees, employers and communities alike.

    Our systems operate in accordance and are conducted against international benchmarks and globally recognised management systems. Our occupational health and safety audits are also compatible with existing organisational management systems and standards such as:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • OHSAS 18000:2007
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Legislative requirements

  • G.C.C.L² safety audits are comprehensive and will identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses while also identifying areas where your business can improve. We are a solutions based company and although we identify problems we will always offer solutions and suggestions. These solutions will be offer to you either via consultancy or training programmes.

    Compliance with legal structures is a necessity for any project manager or business owner. Similarly, there are moral parameters which need to be adhered to if you want your business or project to be a success. G.C.C.L² Management Services has over a decade of experience in complying with these requirements. Allow our audit and assessment team to help you meet these demands and help you to establish a safe and secure workplace in the process.



    Safety Compliance Audits/Inspections

    Health and safety compliance is extremely critical for any organisation, more so today than ever before, because of the shortage of skills in both government and the engineering and construction sectors.

    A health and safety audit/inspection process is a formalised and documented process whereby an auditor/inspector identifies potential hazards in the workplace. These safety audits/inspections will usually, depending on the environment, will assess risks and notify the business owner or project manager on what safety precautions need to take place in order for the environment to be deemed safe for employees. Ensuring that your business falls within acceptable safety limits is imperative if you want your business to develop and grow.

    Safety compliance and monitoring are legal imperatives for any business. G.C.C.L²’s monitoring programme will ensure that your business is not only ready for the safety inspection, but that you pass health and safety compliance with flying colours. Our management services:

  • Identify and correct safety violations
  • Supply evidence which supports enforcement actions
  • Evaluate progress via establishing compliance status

  • Our compliance monitoring processes seek to ratify that business development is responsible and accountable. This goes beyond safety compliance and extends into environmental legislature via integrated compliance processes. If we discover that certain requirements are not being met, we move to enforcement which is conducted against SLA objectives.

    Incorporating our management services will ensure that you are not caught off-guard against legislative requirements. At G.C.C.L² Management Services we implement successful health and safety plans in order to ensure that your business complies with legislative and industry standards.

    In terms of projects, we may also gather additional information from national, provincial and regional reports, or possibly from local agencies that have jurisdiction over your project. This may include requests for permits, licences, and environmental audits.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we undertake a variety of health and safety compliance projects. These range from project management and environmental monitoring, third party auditing and/or data validation services.

    If you are in need of compliance monitoring and health and safety compliance then contact G.C.C.L² Management Services today and find out how we can ensure that all your health and safety management systems are in order.



    Contractor Safety Management

    If your organisation is seeking to hire an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractor, then contractor safety management is a vital process which you must follow. Safety management is vital as an incident in the workplace can have drastic effects, compromising employee productivity and well-being while costing the employer dearly in direct and indirect costs.

    As an employer, occupational health and safety management is a must if you are contracting work to contractors. Not only will this save you legal costs should an incident occur, but it will also make your site safer, encouraging a healthier, more collaborative relationship between you and your contractors.

    Managing contractors should not be a difficult process. On order to ensure contractors safety, G.C.C.L² Management Services implements specific safety planning which ensures that the contractor:

  • Holds the necessary qualifications (permits, licenses, etc.)
  • Holds appropriate insurance policies (workers compensation, professional and personal indemnity, etc.)
  • Proves they have certain processes in place which will allow them to work safely (safety management systems, job safety analysis, etc.)
  • All contractor personnel hold the appropriate and requisite qualifications

  • If all of this is in place then the employer is free to engage the contractor. We will ensure that the employer then supplies the contractor with:

  • Information about the site so the contractor can work safely
  • A contact number of someone to assist the contractor should a problem arise
  • Regular inspections to ensure the site is safe
  • Should there be any safety concerns then the employer needs to take immediate action

  • However, it is not all about the safety of the contractor. The employer will have the opportunity to conduct a performance review regarding the contractors work on the project. If the contractor performs poorly then the employer will have a sufficient document trail and adequate documentation to ensure that the contractor will not be engaged again in the future.

    Should you wish to implement contractor safety management systems, contact G.C.C.L² Management Services. We have a wealth of experience in contractor management and have the expertise to ensure that your team gels in a safe environment throughout the duration of the project



    Expert Witness & Legal Consulting

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we have a highly qualified team of expert witnesses and legal consultants. Whether you are looking for legal advice in a civil case or a criminal case we have individuals who have a wealth of experience and expertise in a number of industries.

    Sometime, despite the safety processes that may be in place, accidents happen. Once an accident has happened in the workplace a series of investigations need to be conducted to uncover whether the accident was as a result of negligence, either from the employer or the employee. When it comes to litigation you need to have the right experts and consultants on your side to guide you through the process.

    G.C.C.L² Management Services strives to be the partner of choice for our clients. That’s why we have expert witnesses who will provide expert testimonies at investigations. We have expert witnesses in the following fields:

  • Safety
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Labour
  • Fall hazard
  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction site safety

  • These expert witnesses have a wide scope of knowledge and can provide expert testimony on safety administration, construction personal injuries, safety codes and standards, accident investigation, and more.

    Our expert witness and legal consultancy services cover every aspect of the incident. We will be present at initial evaluations and the discussion of the root cause of the accident.

    Our team will be actively involved in areas such as:

  • Contractor and sub-contractor activities
  • Third party liability compliance monitoring
  • Multi-employer sites monitoring
  • Hazardous material monitoring
  • Confined space incidents
  • Construction safety
  • Fall protection

  • At G.C.C.L² Management Services our expert witnesses are certified and qualified to stand as their title suggests. Our legal consultancy team is top tier and highly knowledgeable regarding safety compliance.

    If you have had an accident in the workplace and now face legal action, contact G.C.C.L² Management Services and we’ll dispatch our team of experts and legal consultants to assist you.



    Facility & Equipment Safety Inspections

    If you want to ensure the safety of your employees and create a safe and healthy workspace then facility and equipment safety inspections are a necessary process. In crowded and busy workspaces accidents can happen, however, effective safety implementation through meticulous inspection can drastically lower the risk of incidents and help your workspace to run more efficiently.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we are aware that it is not always possible to find time to conduct inspections with your hectic daily operations. Our management services provide the discerning business owner with thorough safety inspections without you having to deter from your daily business. We have a firm grasp and understanding of safety regulations and strive to ensure that your workspace complies with these regulations.

    Sometimes you need an outsider with a fresh perspective to assess where your workspace or site is hitting the mark and meeting safety regulations, and where you are falling short. Our experts can conduct comprehensive walkthroughs of your workspace to assess your safety standards. We will make suggestions where you need to improve so that you can meet all the necessary regulations.

    When conducting walkthroughs we inspect the following:

  • First aid kits
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Eye wash stations
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hazardous waste
  • Emergency lighting
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Chemical storage facilities

  • These are a few safety aspects which need to be assessed, however other safety inspections may be conducted depending on the site.

    With over a decade of experience in occupational health and safety, risk assessment and safety management services, G.C.C.L² Management Services is well equipped and experienced to conduct thorough safety inspections while also advising you on correct procedures and gathering the appropriate documentation.

    Reviewing your facility on a regular basis is essential if you want to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment. Ensuring that safety procedures and equipment is up to date will stand you in good stead should an accident occur and shield you against the legal ramifications.

    For effective facility and equipment inspections contact one of South Africa’s leaders in safety management services, G.C.C.L² Management Services. Our experts are always on hand to schedule a comprehensive walkthrough and inspection of your facility and equipment.



    Hazard Installation Regulation

    Managing compliance programs and HMBP (Hazardous Material Business Plan) can be complicated at the best of times, but nevertheless it is an important process and one that needs to be adhered to. At G.C.C.L² we provide consulting services for pollution prevention, industrial waste permits and air permit assistance. These compliance programs can be time consuming and can distract you from the work at hand. G.C.C.L² Management Services ensures that your site is in compliance with these environmental programs and that your HMBP is in order.

    We make compliance easy for you by taking over the process. Our team includes former regulators who are now experts in HMBP and compliance. They have a wealth of understanding when it comes to these requirements and will ensure that your business, workspace or site meets the requirements of these regulations.

    Our environmental health and safety compliance strategies cover the following areas:

  • Compliance auditing
  • Permit assistance
  • Environmental management, design and implementation
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Policy development and training
  • Sustainability management
  • Environmental planning

  • It may seem like a lot of additional work, but if your company or site is not adhering to compliance programs and doesn’t have a HMBP then you will find that you will come under fire from regulatory agencies and environmentalists.

    At the end of the day you have a job to do, but damaging the environment is an action which will not be tolerated by legislators. Therefore, ensure that your site or company is in compliance with the regulatory environment programs and have an effective HMBP in place.

    If you are struggling with compliance programs and HMBP, whether it is a matter of time or you find the system to be confusing, we can help to ensure that you meet the requirements by putting environmental protection systems and hazardous waste management processes in place.

    Contact G.C.C.L² Management Services today and ensure that your site or company is taking the necessary steps to protect the environment. Allow G.C.C.L² to take over the processes for you, so you can continue with your work while we ensure that your company in compliance with environmental protection programs.



    Incident Investigations

    In order to prevent and reduce future accidents an incident investigation needs to be conducted should an incident occur. Whether it’s an accident, injury, a close call/near miss, property or environmental damage, an investigation needs to be conducted to prevent further incidents in the future.

    Essentially, incident investigations are an opportunity to learn. Once you find out what has caused the incident certain processes can be put in place to prevent a recurrence in the future.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services our incident investigations are conducted with sensitivity and confidentiality. We are extremely professional when undertaking our investigations. The purpose of the investigation is not to lay the blame on individuals, but to discover the root cause of the accident, learn from it and build towards future prevention while also finding opportunities for the reduction of risk and injury.

    Our investigations seek to quantify the severity of the accident through the use of a host of investigative tools. All investigations are conducted with the utmost sensitivity in accordance with your organisation. When an incident occurs there will always be a host of explanations and theories for why the accident happened, we take these into consideration, but most of our investigative work takes place beneath the radar as we chase down leads to try and identify the real factors which contributed towards the accident. Whether it was through machine default, poor safety systems or gross negligence, our team of expert investigators and analysts will find the cause of the accident.

    After the investigation, all of our findings are compiled into a confidential report and recommendations will be made on how to improve safety onsite to avoid further incidents in the future. G.C.C.L² Management Services will also work in conjunction with your legal team to ensure that your business does not face severe legal repercussions.

    At the end of the day accidents are accidents; they are unfortunate events. G.C.C.L² Management Services can conduct effective incident investigations to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    If you have experienced an accident in the workplace then contact G.C.C.L² Management Services for effect incident management and investigation services.



    Outsourced Safety Office

    Outsourcing to Health and Safety consultants can be a very beneficial process and can save you money, as opposed to an in-house, full time HSE manager or officer. At G.C.C.L² Management Services we have a fully qualified safety team with a wealth of experience who will develop and grow your businesses health and safety plan to where it needs to be.

    Put G.C.C.L² Management Services in charge of your HSE systems and our team of experts will provide guidance through:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Documentary requirements
  • Audit and Inspections
  • Certification of your HSE

  • By entrusting your HSE system to G.C.C.L² Management Services you’ll effectively be filling the gaps in your current HSE plan and moving towards a more comprehensive and beneficial HSE plan.

    Our safety consultancy program has been highly efficient with a number of clients. Businesses may employ a safety officer who has a wealth of expertise in one or two fields; however our safety team is comprised of a number of experts who are highly knowledgeable in multiple aspects of occupational health and safety.

    When you outsource HSE to G.C.C.L² results are produced timeously and systems are implemented effectively. This is because no time is wasted learning about specific regulations or how these apply to your staff and business. Our team of experts are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to HSE, we understand a host of organisations and we can guarantee that we will be able to implement quality HSE plans into your business quickly and efficiently.

    We will never tell you how to do your job, that’s none of our business and we’re sure that you know how to do your job better than we do. It is, however, our job to ensure that when you and your employees do your job, you do it in the safest possible way, without harming the environment.

    If you are interested in outsourcing to reliable, knowledgeable and trusted safety consultants then contact G.C.C.L² Management Services and ensure that you do your job in safety.



    Risk Assessments

    Whether we like it or not risk is a factor in everyday life, more so in the workplace. A risk assessment is the process of seeking out risk in the workplace, evaluating the risk and determining how to manage the risk. Many professional organisations have realised that this process is essential to reducing risk, because the fact of the matter is, if you don’t calculate the risk and put procedures in place to manage it then an accident will inevitably occur.

    Our professional risk assessment team are experts in risk analysis and mitigation. All of our team members have a wealth of experience in the field of risk assessment with this expertise being easily transposed into a number of different industries. Our processes are compliant with the regulations set out in OSHAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensuring that we provide comprehensive and effective risk assessments to our clients.

    Risk assessments can be effectively conducted throughout an entire organisation, in a single business unit, or for a particular project.

    Depending on the industry and the type of risk being assessed we incorporate a number of tools into the procedure. These tools may include, but are not limited to:

  • Quantitative risk assessments
  • Qualitative risk assessments
  • Probabilistic risk assessments
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Event tree analysis

  • Determining the goals of a prospective risk assessment is always seen as the starting point for our assessments. If we know what we are trying to discover from the procedure it is always easier to obtain information. Once the risk has been identified we will develop and implement a successful plan in order to negate risk in the future. You will also be supplied with a detailed written report upon completion of the risk assessment. This report will contain findings and recommendations for moving forward.

    If you have conducted a previous risk assessment we are quite happy to build on your findings. If you have not, then we are more than prepared to begin your risk assessment, lay the foundations and build it from the ground up.

    Contact G.C.C.L² Management Services for valuable advice and a wealth of risk assessment knowledge regarding identification, development and implementation.



    Safety Consultation

    Safety consultation is a process whereby a company outsources HSE to external professionals to evaluate and make recommendations on their safety procedures so that the company can meet predetermined safety regulations. If you are a business owner or a project manager and you haven’t considered HSE management for your current project then let G.C.C.L² Management Services get involved before it is too late.

    When it comes to HSE management you should never be ashamed to ask for help because the repercussions can be dire. At G.C.C.L² Management Services you’ll find friendly, professional safety consultants who are determined to help you make your business a safe workspace for all.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we employ a dedicated, hardworking team of health and safety consultants. These tried and trusted professionals will bring guidance and experience to your workplace or site, helping you to foster a culture of health and safety amongst your employees.

    We have assisted a host of organisations in dealing with industry related health and safety issues, from compliance to assessment, our team of professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that your workspace is a safe environment for employees while remaining fully functional and productive.

    With safety procedures it is generally a case of setting goals, identifying problems and implementing plans to effectively reach those goals. When you incorporate G.C.C.L² safety consultants into your HSE programme you are really signing up for a wealth of expertise in your corner.

    Admittedly, sometime the advice we give you may not be what you want to hear, but we can assure you that the advice we give is in the best interest of meeting your goals. We always work with employers, never against them, and try to develop realistic HSE management plans which are beneficial to all, both employer and employee, through constant discussion and collaboration.

    Whether you are looking for safety consultants for your business or a temporary project we have the skill set to see you through compliance and ensure that you develop a worthwhile and compliant HSE management plan for your business or project.

    Contact G.C.C.L² Management Services today for further information on safety consultation and how it can benefit your business



    Safety Management Programs

    HSE management programs are essential if you wish to create a safety compliant workspace at your business. As a business owner, in order to reach the goals which you have set for your business you need a team of knowledgeable employees who can assist you in guiding the ship to where it needs to be. Effective HSE management is vital to the optimisation of operations and the profitable management of business.

    Whether you are looking to start afresh and build a brand new safety management system, or you have been developing a plan for some time and wish to continue to do so, we have a host of health and safety internal courses which will greatly benefit your business. These courses include:

  • Auditor’s courses
  • Basic fire awareness
  • ISO 90001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 etc.
  • Working at heights
  • Fall protection plans
  • 1st Line Safety for Construction Supervisors

  • These are just a few examples of the internal courses we offer.

    More and more organisations are realising the importance of occupational health and safety. These systems decrease the rate of injuries and illnesses and boost the morale of the workforce. However, implementing effective HSE management systems is not only in the best interest of the employees, but also the employer who needs to ensure that systems are in place to adhere to stringent compliance regulations. As an employer you cannot possibly fight this battle alone.

    We have discussed how essential it is to have an effective management system in place but which system should you choose? There are different types of safety management systems, each with its own challenges and strengths.

    This is where we come in…

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we can help you to identify the ideal HSE management program for your business and help you to implement it. Our team is extremely experienced in implementing these systems and will work tirelessly with you to ensure that your HSE management program is effective and up-to-date.



    Written Programs

    Written programs are an essential component in a HSE management system. Some components in a HSE plan can be carried out practically while others are a written requirement. Every incident in the workplace is unique, just as every industry has specific regulations which need to be adhered to. We offer comprehensive written programs to businesses who are seeking to expand and develop and improve their HSE profile.

    Do you know what written programs you required to develop this safety profile? If not, don’t worry. G.C.C.L² Management Services can help you identify which written programs you will need to complete in order to bolster your HSE plan. We have a wealth of experience in determining what requirements you need and which programs you need to complete, depending on your industry.

    G.C.C.L² Management Services has a wealth of expertise and experience, personified by our hardworking professional team of HSE consultants. We provide goal orientated solutions to meet your requirements in compliance with occupational health and safety and environmental health and safety regulations.

    These written programs also merge well with our training programs, and we can move from written to training swiftly, ticking all the boxes which you require for effective HSE management timeously.

    All the written programs which we offer are compliant to the requisite legislative frameworks. They are also customised to your specific site, industry or project, and are not generic or computer generated.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we are there to guide you through the entire process. We will help you communicate with employees regarding the programs, provide training on new programs and ensure regular updates on the programs.

    Contact G.C.C.L² Management Services for valuable advice and assistance regarding written programs and develop and build your safety management portfolio.



    OSHAS 18001:2007

    OSHAS 18001:2007 is the international standard for the auditing and assessing processes in occupational health and safety. This is the standard which has been set by leading trade bodies on an international scale. This standard ensures that there is a framework to implement effective HSE management plans in the workspaces within an organisation.

    A proper HSE management plan will always be able to identify and facilitate health and safety risks, helping organisations minimise these risks in the workplace for both employees and outsourced contractors alike. The goal is to continuously review HSE management systems in order to decrease workplace incidents and improve occupational health and safety.

  • Obtaining OSHAS 18001:2007 certification will ensure that:
  • Planning and risk assessment has been carried out
  • Management systems have been set up
  • Response systems to emergency situations have been established
  • Effective communication within safety management systems
  • Staff awareness and training
  • Monitoring, development and improvement

  • Obtaining this certification is essential if you are concerned for the welfare of your employees and contractors. Structured safety management systems throughout your business or organisation will ensure the safety of your employees, decrease accidents and generally boost morale amongst your staff.

    OSHAS 18001:2007 certification is geared towards the continual development and implementation of safety management programs. The goal is to develop durable manageable systems which will benefit your organisation as a whole. Benefits of receiving certification include:

  • Reduce accidents
  • Save costs on potential downtime
  • Minimising delays in production
  • Improving your reputation and provide opportunities for new business
  • Showing to commitment to legal obligations
  • Savings from public liability insurance premiums
  • Providing a robust system to continually improve health and safety

  • This certification is suitable for any business which wishes to build their HSE profile and minimise incidents in the workplace. Having a safety management system which is assessed and approved by a third party certification party will also show your employees that you are an employer who takes safety seriously.

    For further information and advice regarding OSHAS 18001:2007 certification contact G.C.C.L² Management Services


    quality management

    ISO 9001:2008

    The ISO 9001 certificate is the ideal quality management certification for all businesses, regardless of the size. Successful implementation will assist in improving management processes, helping your business to compete more fiercely in both local and global markets.

    ISO 9001 is a quality management standard which will ensure that your business or organisation has implemented a quality management system and has fulfilled requirements across a number of areas such as:

  • Equipment
  • Services
  • People
  • Training
  • Facilities

  • As with ISO 18001, ISO 9001 is a process of continual assessment. Getting certified is only the first step. From there ISO 9001 seeks to provide your business with the management tools which will help you to improve your working operations throughout your organisation.

    This quality management system holds many benefits for your business if you approach it in a practical manner. The system seeks to implement systems which are accepted and adopted by employees, as opposed to being a set of procedures which employees are required to follow which they find difficult to manage.

    Some of the benefits of a quality management system such as ISO 9001 include:

  • Efficient management processes for senior management
  • Encourages time saving processes
  • Continuous assessment and improvement
  • Reduces costs
  • Lays out responsibility across different areas of the business

  • ISO 9001 is becoming mandatory if you intend on securing tenders in the public sector as it demonstrates semblance of a management system.

    This quality management certification is not only suited to large businesses but to small businesses, too. Successful implementation of this quality management system will improve operation and increase customer satisfaction while also saving time and costs.

    The ISO 9001 certificate is internationally recognised as an invaluable quality management system which will be extremely beneficial to your business. The system is integrative and encourages collaboration from senior management as much as the workforce.

    Before you can get certified your business needs to meet regulatory requirements and implement the system effectively. For further information or assistance regarding the implementation of ISO 9001, contact G.C.C.L² Management Services.



    EHS Benchmarking

    No matter what industry you are in risk assessment is becoming the most effective way to conform to EHS benchmarking and compliance. Indeed, risk is carefully calculated into HSE programs but what about environmental management? By analysing risk, EHS processes can be improved, achieving better compliance with benchmarks and improving the safety within the business or organisation.

    EHS benchmarking and environmental management is a comprehensive way of achieving insights into certain areas of your business, providing you with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding environmental areas of the business which could be improved.

    An environmental management plan is as essential to business health and safety optimisation as a standard HSE plan. EHS processes are widely regarded for their ability to track accidents such as chemical spills, fires and explosions, and the release of hazardous waste. An effective EHS management system will ensure compliance with EHS processes and assist in decreasing the rate of incidents which may be harmful to employees, nearby communities and the environment.

    Effective EHS benchmarking requires certain risk assessment tools to be built into the EHS program. Through gathering and recording incident data HSE officers can filter this information to deduce risk factors, risk severity and risk frequency. Incidents can then be graded in order to compose a list of events from most critical to least critical. Once this information is gathered HSE officers will then have a clearer picture of which areas of the organisation require the most attention, therefore developing the environmental management plan.

    Risk in EHS benchmarking is not only a reactive process but also highly effective for future planning. It is useful as a quantitative measure and ensures that benchmarking follows a systematic process. This systematic undertaking allows for corrective measures to be taken, measuring the risk against the corrective action and developing EHS benchmarking and environmental management.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services, our team of experts are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to environmental management and EHS benchmarking. If you are seeking compliance in your organization but are not too sure how to go about it, contact G.C.C.L² Management Services for advice and assistance.



    Regulatory Compliance Inspections

    Regulatory compliance inspections can be overwhelming. There are a host of different inspections which need to be conducted in order for an organisation to be health, safety and environmentally (HSE) compliant. As a business owner the undertaking of this array of inspections can be a massive job, and sometimes inspections can be missed or skipped which means the business fails to comply.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we provide comprehensive coverage of all the necessary regulatory compliance inspections so you don’t have to worry about it. Our highly experienced team can conduct effective compliance inspections which can be tailor-made to your business and industry. Our inspections will ensure that your site adheres to regulatory compliance, maximizing your business operations in the process.

    Our regulatory compliance inspections include but are not limited to:

  • Fire protection systems, extinguishers and building codes
  • Hazardous waste
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Noise level testing
  • Emergency lighting
  • Wash stations

  • More often than not one visit to your business or site is all that is necessary to determine your businesses regulatory compliance obligations. Our experts will examine your equipment and safety procedures, and will provide suggestions and solutions onsite.

    Regulatory compliance inspections are imperative if you want your business to pass OSHA inspections. OSHA and government inspectors will often make surprise visits to your business for impromptu inspections. If the outcome of this inspection finds that your business in non-compliant the fines can be substantial. Aside from dodging OSHA officials, should an incident occur you will have to foot the medical bills and suffer loss in revenue due to post-incident downtime. Save money and maintain productivity by ensuring that your business is in compliance with regulatory inspections.

    Should you wish to conduct regulatory compliance inspections at your business or site contact G.C.C.L² Management Services. Ensure that your business is running at optimum efficiency in the safest way possible with effective regulatory compliance inspections from G.C.C.L² Management Services.



    Internal Auditing

    Internal auditing is the professional process whereby independent assessors evaluate the organisations risk management program, equipment and HSE programs. The process of risk management seeks to calculate risks, gather information and implement HSE plans which will make the working environment safer for employees. An internal audit seeks to assess the findings and to evaluate the HSE plan which has been implemented in order to ensure that the business is in compliance with predetermined safety regulations.

    Audits involve a walkthrough of the business site and the analysis of safety equipment and procedures. All information is gathered on a score sheet and upon completion of the audit the business is given a score. The total score then determines whether the company has passed the audit or whether the business has in fact failed the audit and needs to improve their HSE management systems.

    An internal audit can assist your company in moving forward by advising management and identifying emerging risks. The internal auditing process has a major effect in assisting your organisation in achieving its goals and objectives while acting as a driving force for development and change.

    In addition, an internal audit may also aid your business in establishing effective risk management processes, safety management, and environmental management plans.

    An internal audit is conducted on an annual basis. However, addition audits can be requested by business owners in order to ensure that certain standards are continuously adhered to and maintained. These audits will identify any deviations from compliance regulations, make these deviations known to management and suggest solutions to help the business to operate under compliance once more.

    If you are still confused about the process of internal audits, their relevance and their uses, or you would like to request an internal audit of your business, then contact G.C.C.L² Management Services. Our expert team is on hand to provide you with all the necessary insight you need when it comes to internal auditing.



    Quality Auditing



    Environmental Auditing



    Safety Auditing


    socio economic monitor

    Socio Economic Monitor

    Regardless of which industry you work in, your business regularly makes social, economic and environmental commitments. Often these commitments are not captured in regulatory compliance inspections and, as a result, socio-economic audits need to be conducted.

    Whether it’s for your business or for a temporary project, socio-economic audits are essential for maintaining stakeholder transparency. During a project, commitments will be made to the stakeholders, which are in compliance to regulatory commissions, but what happens afterwards? Follow up’s are a pivotal process in any project as they ensure that the commitments have been met while maintaining stakeholder relationships. More often than not social and environmental commitments are rooted in on-going relationships and can be lost when the project begins operation. Socio-economic audits ensure that these commitments are adhered to, preserving the integrity of the relationship.

    At G.C.C.L² Management Services we provide a range of audit services, inclusive of baseline risk assessment, legal compliance audits to integrated safety, health and environmental audits and socio-economic auditing and monitoring.

    Some of the benefits of socio-economic audits include:

  • Consistently track the commitments of the company against obligation
  • Gathering data for annual reporting
  • Preservation of transparency with stakeholders
  • Develop a connection between development-stage commitments and operation management
  • Improves the company’s connection to environmental requirements
  • Building monitoring programs for socio-economic and environmental commitments
  • Performing socio-economic due diligence and adhering to corporate responsibility

  • At G.C.C.L² Management Services, we understand that the process of socio-economic auditing can be somewhat overwhelming at times which can often lead to the audit being neglected altogether. However, as a business owner, if preserving the relationships with your stakeholders is important to you in addition to sticking to your commitments, then you should not let your socio-economic audit fall by the wayside.

    This quality management system holds many benefits for your business if you approach it in a practical manner. The system seeks to implement systems which are accepted and adopted by employees, as opposed to being a set of procedures which employees are required to follow which they find difficult to manage.

    For more information, advice and even assistance regarding socio-economic audits contact G.C.C.L² Management Services and contribute to socio economic development.